Y S Lee's bookplate

Would you like me to sign your copy of the Agency, despite living thousands of miles away? It can be done – sort of. Until I launch that lavish global book tour, there are these charming bookplates.

Just drop me a line with your mailing address and I’ll send one out.

And a downloadable bookmark

La agencia: una espia en casa

The bookplate is based on this stunning cover.

This is the cover of Spanish edition of Spy, La Agencia: Una espia en casa. Isn’t it gorgeous? And my publisher, Ediciones Versatil, made a bookmark for you! Click here for the PDF.

A quiz, a quiz!

What kind of writer are you? Take my short quiz to find out. Because, y’know, internet quizzes are infallible.

Bad advice

Are you burning to know How Not to Be a Writer? I can help.

All About the Victorians

To celebrate the publication of Spy, Traveling to Teens organized a terrific blog tour for me. My theme was “Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Victorians”. Have I piqued your interest? You can read the archived essays, starting here.

The Spy blog tour was so much fun that I did it again for Body, again thanks to Traveling for Teens. This time, the theme was “Notorious Victorians” – a wild collection of firebrands, reluctant revolutionaries, celebrities and rebels. All the essays are linked here.

Antidotes to Earnestness

An ongoing list of light-hearted, Asian-inspired books for children.

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