Self-imposed exile

Hello, friends. I’m deep into the editorial revisions (my editors’ comments on and suggested changes to the manuscript) for Rivals in the City, and I thought I’d show you my most recent work space. As some of you know, I tend to work in various spots around the house (following the sunshine from room to room), or else at a local coffee shop. Since the first of the month, however, I’ve had a new lair:

It’s a long story but basically, the children have now pushed me right out of the house into what we call the shed. (It’s not a shed, really. We have a normal shed that contains a lawnmower and too many bikes.) Still, perversely, we call this bigger one “the shed”.

A couple of years ago, it was a damp, decaying, mouse-and-squirrel-infested site of horror – a nightmare shed. Then we had it rebuilt, insulated, properly wired, and equipped with a little electric heater. Now, it’s less a shed and more of a quiet, cozy extra room in the garden. And it’s at this table that I’ve been working on my revisions.

It’s strange publishing a photo of a space that you know extremely well. The photograph makes me see the place anew, and I’m startled by how much stuff there is: I knew about Nick’s road bike and the stroller, of course, but now I’m suddenly self-conscious about the dusty mason jars, my dad’s old amplifier, the unused laundry drying rack, the bags of wood pellets, &etc. But here it is, my small island of calm in a noisy, hectic, blustering month. And I love it.

How about you? Where do you write, revise, edit, dream?

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7 Responses to “Self-imposed exile”

  1. Ooohhh, I am jealous of your shed! I want a room of my own to write in… :)

  2. christine says:

    Jealous. Can’t believe we have–count ’em–FIVE outbuildings on our property and yet still, no writing nook. Shall have to claim one.

  3. Cat London says:

    My “shed” is very nearly complete! Come visit for a change of scenery sometime!

  4. Ying says:

    Stephanie: I don’t want to come across all gloaty, but it is really splendid. Total absolution from domestic responsibility! Chris, I can see why it’s hard to choose between Fiat, Boler, and writing space: too many babies. And Cat, I’d love to, thanks! I imagine it’s beautiful.

  5. Rade says:

    Hi! I just came upon an actor that I think could have played James Easton in a movie/series and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. His name is Ben Aldridge. What convinced me that he could have played James was his performance as Daniel Parish in bbc`s historical series “From Lark Rise to Candleford”. In season 3 Ben Aldridge plays the young journalist, Daniel Parish. Daniel Parish is not so very different from James. He is clever, has a sense of humour and sometimes he can be quite arrogant. Besides Ben Aldridge’s performance, something about his smile and the spark in his eyes made me think that he would have been the perfect James:-)

  6. Dana says:

    Wow, that must be so nice to have a writing nook! I write, dream, and read on my bed in the winter but in the summer I open my window and sit on the ledge facing the park behind my house. Lovely.

  7. Ying says:

    Rade and Dana, I’m sorry for this late reply. I replied earlier, but WordPress seems to have eaten it. Rade, that is UNCANNY! Ben Aldridge looks almost exactly like the James Easton in my head. Thank you! You found him! And Dana, the shed is truly brilliant but a window ledge facing a park sounds dreamy, too.

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