Mary Quinn, in new guise

Good morning, friends. Um. It was -36 degrees C in Kingston this morning, if you factor in the wind chill. (That’s -32.8F, if you’re wondering.) I realize that’s just a regular winter day if you live in, say, Saskatoon, but I have never been happier to put on my merino longjohns. I feel sorry for everybody who has to work outdoors today. But I did NOT feel sorry for the FedEx guy, when he trudged (unhappily) up my path, bearing THIS!

Yes, it’s an early paperback copy of The Traitor in the Tunnel, which will release next month. And I know I’ve been in raptures about beautiful cover art recently, but I hope you’ll humour me (again) in admiring this one. Candlewick Press puts so much time and love into each book, and I’m incredibly fortunate to be published by them.

Until next week!


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6 Responses to “Mary Quinn, in new guise”

  1. MelodyJ says:

    I never get tired a pretty book covers. It was 19 degrees last night here and now it’s 25 degrees. I just finished reading a blog from New York. The blogger said it was 10 degrees there. Stay warm.

  2. GEW says:

    The cover is lovely with great detail! And BTW, I’m listening to “A Spy in the House” on audiobook as I drive to work and back. I always listen to books in the car, and I got the great idea to listen to yours. It’s such a great thing to look forward to each day!

  3. Irish says:

    Hi your web-site url: appears to be redirecting to a completely different web
    site when I click the home page link. You might want to have this checked.

  4. Ying says:

    Thanks, Irish. It’s working fine for me. Could it be your browser?

  5. L says:

    This is several months late, but I got this edition of The Traitor in the Tunnel and now I have a matching set of three Agency books and they are BEAUTIFUL.

    (side note, though – did the Victorians say ‘closet’ for cupboards? I couldn’t help noticing that, after Mary and James’s first meeting – I always thought closet was an Americanism, but I suppose the language has evolved :)

  6. Ying says:

    Hurray, L! I’m so glad your 3 books are united. About “closet”: the Victorians wouldn’t routinely have used it in place of “cupboard”, but it’s an acceptable synonym for a small room. They also had “water-closets” and could be “closeted with a friend” – ie, in close conference.

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