Sniffle, Sob, Sigh

Hello, friends! I was recently talking to my friend Sarah, who confessed that there is a recurring fictional scenario that never fails to make her cry: it happens (frequently in detective novels) when a character survives an ordeal, only to realize that at last, she feels safe. Another friend, whom I’m not at all sure would like to be named, is consistently moved to tears when characters behave better than they thought themselves capable.

Picasso, Weeping Woman (1937)

Me, I’m a shameless blubber. For example, the scene in George Eliot’s Middlemarch, when Mrs. Bulstrode learns of her husband’s disgraceful past and responds with such humility and devotion? Gets me every time. But I’m not afraid of the obvious, either! The “Doomsday” episode of Dr. Who, when Rose Tyler parts forever from the Doctor? I was soggy with tears. (My husband, who saw it first, warned me. He knows me and he warned me. And yet, the end completely dismantled me).

This is the only way in which I (very slightly) resemble Charles Dickens, who also loved vicarious sentiment. He once said, of going to the theatre, “I invariably begin to cry whenever anybody on the stage forgives an enemy or gives away a pocket book.” If Dickens can weep at trivial incidents and contrived situations in public, that’s good enough for me.

So, this week, please tell me: are you a soft-hearted weeper, or one of the dry-eyed types who look so bemused at my type?

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7 Responses to “Sniffle, Sob, Sigh”

  1. Mara A. says:

    I believe that I am one of those in-between people. For the most part, I do not get wet-eyed over anything (unless I’m beyond angry about something). But there are those rare moments in books and movies that will touch me and I’ll swiftly be in need of a handkerchief. It’s never a specific thing, either, that triggers a touch of soft-heartedness in me; every once in a while, there’ll just be that perfect phrase, that perfect description that’ll just hit me.

  2. Lady Ruby says:

    I’m a soft-hearted weeper, which is why I usually tend to avoid things that bring tears to my eyes. Certain movies, books, and ect. usually do the trick.

  3. Brigi says:

    Put me on the “shameless blubber” list as well, I can cry over any turn of (fictional) events, may they be good or bad.

    I just saw the “Doomsday” episode a few days ago, and the good Doctor left me wrecked, even though I knew what was coming and actually saw the final scene before watching the entire episode. (I’m horrible, I know.) If I think of it as a competition, though, then I must say it’s Sherlock’s “The Reichenbach Fall” which made me cry the most (several times). But, like I said, it’s not too difficult to have that effect on me. :-)

  4. Joanna says:

    Doomsday had me staring at the computer screen, tears dripping down my face, screaming “No! No! I don’t care if you want to go do Secret Diary of a Call Girl! You can’t go!”
    As for the Reichenbach Fall, that Brigi mentioned… oh my God. I couldn’t stop blubbering (mainly ’cause I love love love love love LOVE the Johnlock pairing)
    Gladiator was a film that my sister told me I was going to cry at the end of. I did…kind of. It was an awesome film, but I didn’t actually cry so much as whimper quietly in the background.

  5. Ying says:

    Mara, how dare you be so complicated and balanced? 😉 Can you give an example of the last phrase/scene/image that made you cry? Lady Ruby, I can see why you’d avoid weeping publicly, but I adore the catharsis that comes with weeping over fiction. I just prefer to do it in my own home, with a large box of tissues beside me. Brigi, are you talking about the new Sherlock, with Cumberbatch & Freeman? I confess: haven’t seen it. (Yet! Yet! Obviously, it’s first on my tbw list but I need to find time to watch tv.) Shann, if I could “like” that comment, I would. And Joanna, yes, totally. It was such a bold move to have the Doctor actually fall in love with his assistant.

  6. Brigi says:

    Oh yes, it’s the new BBC Sherlock with Messrs. Cumberbatch and Freeman! If you like Steven Moffat’s reign (and the previous episodes written by him and/or Mark Gatiss) in Doctor Who then I guess you would enjoy this too. I wish I could send you a little packet of time especially allocated to the watching of Sherlock, but I would need the Doctor’s help with that… :-)

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