At the Scene of the Crime

Hello, friends! I’m so excited about this week. Tomorrow, I’ll be skyping with a group of YA readers in Prescott, Arizona. And this weekend, I’m appearing at the Scene of the Crime Mystery Festival on Wolfe Island, Ontario. I’ll be there with DJ McIntosh, John Moss, and Thomas Rendell Curran, as well as the deliciously named Ladies Killing Circle.

I love Scene of the Crime. It’s friendly, informal, and it includes a church-ladies’ dinner that usually ends with pie. The first time I went, I was an aspiring writer and I went at the encouragement of my friend Jay Ridler. I met – gasp! – Real Live Authors, who were approachable and funny, and with whom we all went for drinks afterwards. So I’m especially thrilled to be going back this year as one of the authors. I will do my best to be as engaging and welcoming as they all were to me. If you’re in the Kingston area, please come! It’ll be delightful.

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10 Responses to “At the Scene of the Crime”

  1. Vivian Cook says:

    Thank you so much, Ms. Lee, for visiting our book group. I had such a wonderful time, and all of your stories and all that you shared was most interesting! I cannot wait for the fourth book, and I look forward to receiving your letter. Thanks again! I had a blast!

    P.S. For the record, I think you would have been an incredible history professor.

  2. Hannah K says:

    Thank you for skyping with my teen book club! I really enjoyed learning about what a middle class teenager would do during the Victorian Peroid. I’ve read the Agency series and I can’t wait for the fourth!

  3. Jennifer Kendall says:

    Thank you so much for chatting with our teens. You were gracious, personable, and so informative. The teens enjoyed your visit and we are all excited about your future projects. We wish you continued success in your writing career.

  4. Jennifer P says:

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to sit and speak with the reading group. They were so inspired by you and thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you.

  5. Alicia says:

    Hi, I just read a teen mystery called Secret Letters by Leah Scheier, and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Brilliantly written (and w/ a Victorian setting too)! If this is a new genre, I hope it continues. It has all my favourite things in it (Victorian, mystery, and female protagonists). Hope your 4th book is going well.

    And just wanted to say how much I love the Agency Series! It was actually recommended to me by my Victorian lit professor from Queen’s University.


  6. Ying says:

    Hello Vivian, Hannah, Jennifer K and Jennifer P! Thanks so much for stopping by. I had a truly lovely time talking to all of you. You’re the best-prepared group I’ve ever had the pleasure of skyping with, and I loved your questions.

  7. Ying says:

    Ooh – sounds juicy. Thanks for the rec, Alicia, and for your kind words, too! Who was your Vic lit prof?

  8. Alicia says:

    Cathy Harland. I loved her classes!

  9. Lena says:

    Thank you so much for Skyping with us earlier this month. I had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed learning all the interesting facts and history about Victorian London. You are a great speaker. Thanks again for taking the time to visit us and answer our questions. I love The Agency series and I can’t wait for the fourth book!

  10. Ying says:

    You’re welcome, Lena! I had a terrific time, too.

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