Your life, 150 years ago

Hello, friends! I’m guest-blogging this week over at Turn the Page where, to mark International Women’s Day (March 8), Amy asked me to write about women in Victorian times. Here goes:

It’s 1862. You’re a sixteen-year-old girl. What are your choices like in Victorian England? Click here to read the full essay.

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2 Responses to “Your life, 150 years ago”

  1. Radha says:

    I would hate to live back then- unless I was some kind of secret spy who happens to crash into a very handsome man named James (best guy name ever!) and solve mysteries and go undercover. Of course it would stink having to live the same childhood as Mary, but I’d rather be her than some rich girl whose dumb and only wants to get married.

  2. Ying says:

    Yup. I’m convinced I’d have been terribly poor and died young from some hideous epidemic.

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