So indulged

Hello, friends. I’m blogging this week from my parents’ house, where my partner, children, and I are playing, napping, idling, walking, exploring, and generally being coddled by the people who gave me life. It is grand, I tell you. Absolutely divine.

Do you know what the most beautiful sentence in the English language is, when uttered by busy and normally responsible adults? It’s, “Hi, Mom. What’s for dinner?” Okay, that’s 2 sentences. But that’s where I’m at, right now. I feel very lucky and extremely loved and totally indulged.

I’m reading this:

and this:

And I’ll reflect on these in a future edition of A Reader Reports. But at the moment, it’s raining outside, I’ve just had very hot shower, and I’m eating a steaming bowl of black rice pudding with coconut milk in an almost-silent house. Life may get better than this, but right now I just want these few minutes to last as long as possible.

How are you faring, this November? What’s new with you?


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5 Responses to “So indulged”

  1. rayray says:

    something horrible happened!
    my librarian wanted me to try out this one book, revolution or something like that, and the nxt morn at school i took it out of my back pack and the corner of the paperback cover was totally bent and now there is a white line there.
    and then wen i told my librarian she laughed.
    i didnt hav to pay a fine, but i feel so bad!

  2. Mara A. says:

    Now that my final paper for one of my classes is practically done, and now that I have a three-day weekend, November is looking good for me! Got 6 books to read over this weekend (and one of them is a horrible 849-pager, and it’s a book I don’t even like; ah, the joys of becoming a book critic), and I’m all stocked up on tea – yet, things are looking good for me as well. :)

  3. Ying says:

    Oh, the guilt, rayray! I feel your pain. I’m glad your librarian was amused, though. And Mara, a 6-book weekend sounds like heaven. Will you tell us what the mysterious 849-pager is?

  4. Mara A. says:

    The mysterious 849-page book is “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini. I’m on page 456 right now, so I’m almost halfway through, but it’s been painful. I’m not a fan of fantasy.

  5. Ying says:

    I don’t really get the appeal of high fantasy, but in recent years I’ve discovered lots of fantasy that I do really enjoy – mostly stories set in our world, with fantasy elements, or set in really close parallel worlds. Are you firmly against all fantasy?

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