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Three-and-a-half years ago (ie, Before Kids), I was a passionate yogi. I practiced regularly, I thought daily about my practice and how it was evolving, and travelling to Mysore, India (birthplace of ashtanga yoga) was one of my dreams. Since then, I can count precisely the number of times I’ve done the full primary series: 0. Sure, I’ve tried to come back to it. Repeatedly. I was even semi-regular, for one joyous little window between pregnancies. But I’ve concluded that having a regular, mindful, dynamic yoga practice is unrealistic for the time being. (Check in with me in a year’s time. If I’m not semi-regular again, please be disappointed in me. I certainly will.)

One thing I loved (still do) about yoga is that it’s a form of meditation in action. These days, however, I get my meditation-in-action in different ways. Cooking is pretty frenzied, with one child “helping” and another yodelling in the background. Ditto baking. But look what landed in our back garden today!

Two cords of seasoned firewood. And it all needs to go into the shed (that blue building on the right). Stacking firewood is only very distantly related to yoga: both require a gentle warm-up and no special clothing (regardless of what lululemon would have you believe). Both leave you feeling sore and smug the next day. And until things calm down around here, I’ll take my meditation in action wherever I can get it.

What’s your form of meditation in action?

P.S. I recently recorded two audio clips for the nice people at Want to hear them? The first is a short reading from A Spy in the House and the second is a silly one about the pronunciation of my name. Hope you enjoy!

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12 Responses to “Meditation in Action”

  1. Radha says:

    I LOVED the audio clips!!!! The first clip was probably my favorite part of the book (besides page 312- yes, I do memorize the pages with James and Mary, but you can’t blame me- they are the best couple ever!!!)

  2. Ying says:

    Aw, thank you, Radha! 😀

  3. rayray says:

    i tried yoga once and i was so sore for the next two days. i never realized how many stomache muscles you used just to sit up ?get in and out of your chair!
    in 3rd grade my class went on a field trip to Pioneer Farms and we formed a big line and put a whole bunch of logs in a shed but the person making us work like pioneers made us reorginize them cause we put them in a pile in the middle of the shed. i cant remember how many times i screamed in that hour from seeing a bug creep up my hand.

  4. Ying says:

    So I shouldn’t hold my breath for your help with the firewood, rayray? 😉

  5. rayray says:

    no siree!
    i hate bugs!
    dead or alive!
    either one freaks me out. but if they are alive i dont like my dad killing them. yesterday there was a bee and i was gonna catch it and put it outside but the sun was in my eyes and i was scared that it would sting me.

    Ya know the glee version of the song
    somewhere only we know
    silly love songs?
    i always think of Mary and James when i listen to them.
    its so weird!

  6. rayray says:

    there was another one that we played in orch that reeminded me of them but when i told my friend and she rolled her eyes and said that the other song that we played was more suited to James and Mary.

  7. JaneE says:

    I loved the audio clips- I always love it when writers read their own writing because they know exactly how it’s supposed to be read. I find that I get my mediation three ways, mostly: a) writing my books, b) reading, or c) horseback riding. Though meditating while horseback riding is a bad idea during my lessons, lol.

  8. Ying says:

    Excellent advice, which I shall follow! 😉

  9. Ying says:

    I don’t know the song, but am headed to youtube now, to find it! You’re expanding my horizons, rayray.

  10. Mara A. says:

    My “meditation time” is an two-hour (though sometimes it can only be one hour) walk in our woods when it’s really, really cold or pleasantly sunny – though I try to get out every day, regardless of weather. I always take a skipping rope with me, because I get bored just walking sometimes if I don’t have a book with me (yes, I read and walk at the same time; and yes, it can be dangerous), and now that I’m actually good at a skipping rope, I find it puts me in a very meditative frame of mind – especially when it’s really cold out.

  11. Ying says:

    Mara, this sounds perfect; I love how going outside in “bad” weather makes the whole day better. And I used to read and walk, too – not so dangerous if you use your peripheral vision!

  12. Alex says:

    Although I don’t have as much spare time as I want, I always try to get out for a few hours. I work almost all day long, but it’s been 3 months since I started walking to my workplace, so I find that a great time for meditating.

    PS: maybe I should try read ‘n walk too.

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