The Traitor has landed!

In the UK, anyway. (Australians, you’ll get your edition in November. North Americans, we’re waiting for spring 2012.)

To celebrate Traitor‘s debut, here’s a deleted scene from the novel. This is a scene that I love, but had to cut when I moved the novel’s setting from November 1859 to February 1860. I initially wanted to set Traitor around Guy Fawkes Day but the timing just didn’t work out, because of other historical events I wanted to include in the backdrop. Maybe another time…

Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy it!

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19 Responses to “The Traitor has landed!”

  1. Steph Burgis says:

    Woooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you – and so impatient to get my copy! :)

  2. Radha says:

    Congrats!!!! Can’t wait for it to come to the U.S.A- no seriously I CANT wait!!!!

  3. Faith says:


    I think this reinforces the idea that I need to order the series from Look at those covers! Us North Americans are missing out. :-) well for a little while at least.

  4. Dulcinea says:

    WOO HOO it is here.!!!!! 😀 Well, technically its not here..with me…yet. I still have to pay for & order it from Amazon.UK, wait wait wait (rereading the other two books during the wait) , then open the package-box-type thingy, and THEN I can FINALLY read this bound-to-be awesome book to my heart’s content!!!! Again SO HAPPY THAT IT IS FIGURATIVELY HERE!!!!:D
    P.S. Thanks for writing these SO-AMAZINGLY-AWESOME books!!!! 😀

  5. Ying says:

    Thank you so much, everyone! And Dulcinea, it’s a privilege to write them.

  6. Chagall says:

    I want it tooooooooooo XD
    And I’ll have to wait a whole year to read it! Anyway, thanks for the cut scenes, I’ll check ’em out!

  7. Barmy_Bex says:

    My local supermarket didn’t have it when I went in today, but am going to try and go into town to Waterstones tomorrow to get a copy. I cannot wait to read this!

    Will read the deleted scene to keep me going until I can get the book. 😀

    Congrats on having another book out – I hope there will be many more. :)

  8. Mara A. says:

    I love the “deleted scene” and the cover for the UK copy! I cannot wait until it is released in the US!

  9. MelodyJ says:

    I just got a chance to read the deleted scene. I had it bookmarked so I could go back to it. I loved it. Too bad it didn’t make the final cut. I love the cover as always. I have plenty of time to work on my To read list since I have to wait until Spring 2012 for the North American release.

  10. jen7waters says:

    Ying, I finished The Traitor and The Tunnel like 48 seconds ago, and had to rush here to tell you what a GREAT book it is. It made me cry, it made me smile, and it was completely worth the wait. Thank you for writing this series, ma’am. :’)

  11. Ying says:

    Oh, wow – thank you so much, Jen! I’m humbled by your response. And I think it’s a privilege to write this series.

  12. Barmy_Bex says:

    OK – your book is not available anywhere near me. I have been into Bedford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge and none of them have it!!! I couldn’t believe it. Especially considering how big Cambridge’s Waterstone is!
    Do you know where it is available?

    I think I’m going to have to order it from Amazon.

  13. Ying says:

    Becky, so sorry for the late reply – somehow, I missed this comment! I don’t know exactly which shops carry Traitor, but any bookstore should be delighted (and I mean DELIGHTED – if they’re not, they don’t know why they’re in business) to special-order it for you. It won’t take long. Hth!

  14. Barmy_Bex says:

    hehe no problem.
    I’ll try to get to a copy. Bookshops definitely don’t know know what their missing!!!

  15. M. Parker says:

    I’m excited, But I’m from the states…): I’m waiting for the Kindle version!! I wish we didn’t have to wait so long, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait… but that doesn’t keep the intense longing to be submerged into Mary’s world away! You write great books! I am a big fan!

  16. Ying says:

    Thank you so much, M! I hope you find the wait worthwhile.

  17. rayraY says:

    Does anyone find it ironic that the yellow room is Chinese-style, and that’s where Mary finds out about her dad?

  18. Barmy_Bex says:

    I got hold of your book and read it. I LOVE IT!
    if you want to read my review, I have posted it on my blog –

    Thanks for another Excellent book. Can’t wait for more. 😀

  19. Ying says:

    YAY! So glad you enjoyed it, Becky, and thank you for the glowing review!

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