The world according to Google Alerts

Hello, friends. Like many authors, I have Google Alerts set up for each of my book titles. The material it turns up is generally not a surprise – book reviews, Goodreads discussions, all that great stuff. But sometimes, I’m downright mystified. For example, what on earth is a “smiley-face trick”?

It doesn’t sound ominous, and yet it’s making me a bit crazy.

And then Google found a fan-made book trailer for the Agency – the first that I know of!

Who is this person? Where did she or he find all that great B&W footage? Mysterious maker of book trailers, thank you for doing such gorgeous work on this one! If you’re reading this blog post, do leave a comment!

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14 Responses to “The world according to Google Alerts”

  1. Raquel says:

    I looked up Smiley Face Tricks because I thought it might be an eBook thing. Looks like it’s a writing exercise:

    I love the book trailer! Going to favorite that on our YouTube channel so other folks can enjoy.

  2. Ying says:

    Thanks, Raquel! I was thinking of emoticons, etc. But does anyone know how writing techniques came to be called “smiley face tricks”?

  3. Cialina says:

    Whoa that is an awesome trailer!

  4. Paige says:

    Fantastic trailer – I can’t wait to show my book club! I think the footage may be from the newest Sherlock Holmes movie, tweaked into b&w.

  5. Khai says:

    I Googled “smiley face tricks” as I’d never heard of it either – but like you was thinking of emoticons (and wondering what the hell a novel *not* about Gen2.0 would be doing using them).

    My assumption is that some clever educator took it upon him/herself to “modernize the curriculum” and “engage students on their level” by rebranding basic fundamentals of writers craft with a new “fun” name that’s supposed to evoke thoughts of texting and the sorts of net-activities kids spend most of their time occupied with these days. If it works, I suppose that’s not entirely a bad thing – though I prefer the old “master these skills or you will fail at life” methodology.

    Okay – back to yelling at kids to get off my lawn…

    (PS – Pretty cool that a fan took the time to make a trailer!!)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Wow, that trailer is NICE. One of the best that I’ve ever seen. Major kudos to the person who made it!

  7. Ying says:

    Thank you, everyone! Mysterious maker of awesome trailers, please step forward! You have FANS here…

  8. Enrico says:

    Hi, Ying! I’m the guilty one XD I’m glad you enjoyed the book trailer :)

    I realized it hoping to entice people to read the book.

    The B&W footage are some clips from some movies that I subsequently processed with a video editing program. The music is Astor Piazzolla & Gerry Mulligan’s “Reminiscence”, from the record “Tango nuevo”. Once I finished reading the second book, I will post a new one.
    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.
    Kisses from italy.

  9. Ying says:

    Enrico! Thank you for stepping forward, and thank you so very much for the gorgeous trailer. I absolutely adore it and am honoured to think that you enjoyed the book so much.

  10. MelodYJ says:

    That is a great trailer! Both the video footage and music make it fun to watch.

    I looked up smiley face tricks. It just say that they are moves that help writers spice up their writing in the same a fade away shot helps a basketball player up their game. No mention of how/why it’s called smiley face tricks.

  11. Fgh says:

    I love mary quinn (lang) -i don t want their to be 1 more i would like the biggist number in the universe more! I also wish the books were a bit longer as it only took me less than 5 hours to read a traitor and the tunnel with a bit of time to play in between!

    H xxxxxx

  12. Hgf says:

    I to love your books they are brilliant!!!!!! E xx

  13. Hgf says:

    Firstly i love mary quinn lang whatever you want to call her,please can you make your books a bit longer-it only took me 5 hours (or less)to read it-also don t write 1 more write the biggist number in the universe more aswell i spend my whole day (a part from going to school) reading the traitor and the tunnel,the body at the tower and a spy in the house.

    H xxx

  14. Ying says:

    I love your enthusiasm, Hgf! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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