The Traitor and the Tunnel

So there’s been a little hitch with the posting of the UK cover of Traitor. Lawyers, lawyers. But while they work, there’s no reason I can’t share with you MY summary of the third Mary Quinn novel!

Queen Victoria has a little problem: there’s a petty thief at work in Buckingham Palace. Mary Quinn takes the simple case, going undercover as a domestic servant. But before long, a scandal threatens to tear apart the Royal Family.

One of the Prince of Wales’s irresponsible young friends is killed in disgraceful circumstances. Should the Queen hush things up or allow justice to take its course? Mary’s interest in this private matter soon becomes deeply personal: the killer, a drug-addicted Chinese sailor, shares a name with her long-lost father.

Meanwhile, James Easton’s engineering firm is repairing the sewers beneath Buckingham Palace. Trouble is, there’s a tunnel that’s not on the plans. Its purpose is unclear. But it seems to be very much in use.

These overlapping puzzles offer a perfect opportunity for Mary and James to work together again… if they can still trust one another. This is Mary’s most personal case yet and she has everything to lose.

And that’s The Traitor and The Tunnel, coming in spring 2011 from Walker Books UK and spring 2012 from Candlewick Press. [Edited to add: just had word from Walker that the UK pub date is now August 2011. I apologize for the misinformation!]

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  1. Guneet says:

    still waiting for you to start the subject…….

  2. Guneet says:

    Ok. I give up. I cant stay quiet for that long. (I admit I love talking). I’m going to high school next year! We got our course selection sheets and I’m not sure about my career. I needed some advice. Im actually interested in either being an art teacher or an author. Could you suggest if an author is good as ajob or a hobby. (i’m sorry if im prying) :)

  3. Ying says:

    Authors earn everything from nothing to millions (guess which is most common?), and there’s no sure way to know which kind you’ll be. I’d recommend having a day job, at least to start with!

  4. Guneet says:


  5. Guneet says:

    Omg! look at the last date! it’s February 10th! I tried finding this page for the past few weeks but could’nt find it. So? What’s going on? :)

  6. Guneet says:

    At school on Valentines Day. A whole day with boys and girls hugging and talking about “love” like theres no tomorrow. Nightmare! I’m just here to recieve chocolates. (No, not really… we were going to watch a movie today :) )

  7. Ying says:

    Hope you got lots of chocs!

  8. Guneet says:

    Nah, just two. :)

  9. Guneet says:

    Woo -hoo! After what feels like years I finally got the book ”The Traitor in the Tunnel!” I am so happy. I will be reading it soon after finishing loads of March Break homework ofcourse! Sure it will be the best one yet! Whats up with you lately? :) :) :) :) (I’m really happy! :)

  10. Ying says:

    March Break HOMEWORK? Ugh. I hope it’s not too painful. I’m well, just really busy! How are you, apart from happily snowed under homework?

  11. Guneet says:

    Hey Ying! OMG, it’s been so long! Over a month. Sorry about being so lazy to write. How are you??? 😀

  12. Ying says:

    Hey Guneet, happy spring! I’m well, thanks – crazy-busy and enjoying spring. How are you? What are you reading right now?

  13. Guneet says:

    I’m good. About to read Hallowed, the sequel to Unearthly in a few days. so happy!

  14. Guneet says:

    Hey!!!! Omg! It’s been a long time! How are you? I’m pretty good but sad that the summer is ending and i will be going to high school soon :(

    But I turned 14!! My birthday was on August 7. I feel more older now for some reason 😛

    Anyways. Nice to talk to u again!

  15. Ying says:

    Happy belated birthday, Guneet! I hope your high school years get off to a great start.

  16. Guneet says:

    Thank you. So what’s up with you? How are things going? And when will the fourth book of the series come?? What’s it called by the way? 😀

  17. Ying says:

    I’m busy: writing, parenting, life stuff. The 4th books is called Rivals in the City. No pub date yet, but I’m working on it.

  18. Guneet says:

    Good luck! Hope it goes good and even better than the others! Been so busy with school, barely had time to come on here. :) Hope the book comes out soon.. I’ve gotten my friends hooked on your books too!

  19. Ying says:

    Hi Guneet! I hope you’ve been busy in a good way, and thanks for spreading the Agency love!

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