There be readers out there

Hello, friends. I’m very close to being able to share with you the UK cover of the third Mary Quinn novel, The Traitor and the Tunnel. So close. It’s gorgeous, as ever, and the suspense is killing me.

Ahem. In the meantime, I can show you a shot of The Body at the Tower and one of its sterner critics:

photo by Philipp of Upper Canada

I suspect Philipp may have to ask ever so nicely if he wants his book back.

And this week I got my first-ever piece of old-fashioned, pen-and-ink fan mail! Thanks, Gabriella, and I’ll write back very soon.

Next week, I’ll talk about researching the Agency novels and share with you a list of great Victorian resources. Until then!

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6 Responses to “There be readers out there”

  1. David says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait to see it! =]

  2. DC says:

    If the cat was a character from the novel, s/he would be… I’m going to have to say James Easton. It’s something about that smug expression.

  3. Ying says:

    Thanks, David! And come on, DC – James has better manners than your average cat.

  4. DC says:

    Phillip of Upper Canada may be offended by the suggestion that his cat is average.

  5. Philipp of Upper Canada says:


    How dare you call my cat “average”. I challenge you to a duel, ten paces near the kitty litter!

    On an unrelated note: I just received your letter, including the bookmark it looks very nice, I’m currently using it on “The Idiot”. And I’m going to need it, that book is ginarmous!! lol

  6. Ying says:

    Philipp, I’m not going anywhere near the kitty litter unless strictly necessary. But Dostoyevsky – I’m impressed!

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