Sunshine at last

After 2 weeks of unremitting rain up north, we spent a few days visiting family in Newquay, Cornwall. It was time for sunshine!

Fistral Beach, Newquay. I love the way England just falls into the sea.

The harbour at Newquay. Can't you just smell the lobster traps in this photo?

Padstow harbour. When the tide's in, those fishing boats are at work.

This was my first time in Cornwall. I know there’s often tension between locals and tourists (“emmets”, in Cornish) but I’m not sure I can stay away. If I promise to support the local economy, not to be obnoxious, and to keep my mouth shut about Rick Stein, may I come back? Please?

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2 Responses to “Sunshine at last”

  1. Philipp of Upper Canada says:

    Lovely pics!

    I have a feeling that I am the only male teen of the human species that has ever been to this website. No matter. I’m proud to say that I love your novel. Really helped broaden my reading horizon, as well as to turn reading into a hobby that I now love. Romance in a novel isn’t soo bad after all Lol. Before reading your book, I would generally be: “OMG they Kissed, ewww” but now I don’t mind it…wait what have you done to me!!

    Though I have to confess, I am very angry at you!! *Waves fist at laptop screen* because of you I am now spending more in books, than I am in video games…wraaaaggh!! My PS3 is collecting dust somewhere in the living room….or is in the basement…I dunno, the cat probably has it

    I eagerly await your next novel! You are now my favorite author. Ubermensch author Tom Clancy will have to be demoted and be placed at second place.

  2. Ying says:

    Philipp of UC, you are hilarious and I almost don’t believe in you. Congratulations on being the first declared male teen of the human species to comment here. I’m so glad you enjoyed Spy. (It’s Spy you’re talking about, right? Bk 2, The Body at the Tower, is now out, too.) Oh, and I could totally take Tom Clancy in a fight. 😉

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